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Dating a new jersey girl

Jersey Girl (1992), Date

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At night, one may find a Jersey Girl outside of the clubs in low-income neighborhoods wearing a sports bra, booty shorts and chain-smoking Newports. During the dating new, this girl could be found posing in front of Photo Booth on her MacBook and taking pictures of herself dramatically looking to the side while holding up her middle finger, which is so discreetly donned with a six inch acrylic nail. The Jersey Girl's boyfriend also does not care that their girlfriend has over 90 likes from different guys on a profile picture of her in a bikini.

Jersey Girls normally do not possess any jersey girl life skills or intelligence, so they perform poorly in academics and are limited in professions. Jersey Girls pair their yoga pants with a tight, revealing top — fishnet is ideal — and fifteen dollar heels.

Reasons Why You're Lucky to Be Dating a Jersey Girl She also probably knows the best diners in the entire state of New Jersey. She'll teach. Here are 15 things you'll want to know about dating a Jersey girl. We will fight to the death to defend that New Jersey bagels are better than.